Pure Azul was started by three friends with a single passion: great tequila. After years of sampling and enjoying it, we set our sights on making it… and Pure Azul Beverage was born.

The idea for our Azulana sparkling tequila came to us the way most ideas do, while relaxing with good friends after a long day. But unlike other potential business ventures, this one held an attraction we couldn’t deny. We realized that not only did we have a unique product idea, but that between us, we had the right combination of beverage industry experience, distribution knowledge and tequila production expertise to make it happen. And better yet, we would be able to do it sustainably, in a way that supported the agave farming community.

There’s a saying that goes “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I like to say “The business journey of a lifetime begins with 4 shots of tequila, a splash of sparkling water and a light bulb moment.”

Henry Morita, CEO, Pure Azul Beverage



Katie Pittman

Katie Pittman, Head of Sales

After relocating from my native Indiana to sunny California, I honed my sales skills at the world’s largest beer company, becoming district sales manager in less than two years. When the opportunity came up to join a socially conscious company at the forefront of the tequila trend, I took the leap and never looked back. My sports marketing background has been ideal for attracting new fans to Azulana and inspiring them to celebrate tequila as a lifestyle. Despite the fact that I now call L.A. home, I’m proud to say I still root for Indiana sports teams, even if it is from bars on the beach.

  Tequila Q&A with Katie

Tell us about the first time you tried tequila?
This brings back bad memories…. Next question! I have learned to only drink to the good stuff now. Strictly 100% blue agave!
What have you learned since then?
I have grown to appreciate tequila for the taste. My hope is that Azulana will bring people together to create long lasting friendships and help cultivate ideas that will change the world.
Which is your favorite alcohol brand on social media?
Los Sundays. They are fun, edgy, and have done a good job at making tequila sexy, young, and chic.

  Tequila Q&A with Nancy

What is your go-to weekend drink?
I’m a simple gal – I love flavored sparkling water. Now, I have Azulana which is the best possible way to kick it up a notch (or ten)!
Tell us about the first time you tried tequila?
My first Tequila experience conjures up good memories - I was sitting by a Palm Springs pool with my girlfriends, watching the palm trees sway in the breeze, and working on my tan under the bright Southern California sun. We were sipping Tequila Sunrises, but we didn’t overdo it which is probably why I still love Tequila today!
How would you serve Azulana at a party?
I’d pop open a can, stick in a colorful straw and cocktail umbrella, and watch my friends enjoy Azulana! If I’m feeling particularly fancy, I’d blend Azulana with ice to make an ice-blended drink for super-hot days – topped off with a colorful straw and cocktail umbrella, of course.
Nancy Leung

Nancy Leung

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and love the vibrant cultures and opportunities this city has to offer. I’ve worked in the logistics field for 13 years and met Henry Morita, Azulana’s President and CEO, at our previous job. When he approached me with the opportunity to join the Pure Azul team, I jumped at the chance to continue working alongside him and bring this amazing product to fruition. My professional background includes economics and organizational planning, so my new role as office manager is a perfect fit. In my free time, I enjoy baking, photography, and traveling.

Henry Morita

Henry Morita, CEO

I have over 25 years of food and beverage operations expertise, with a background in industrial engineering, demand and supply planning and navigating land and sea import/export lanes. Over the course of my corporate career, I’ve developed an extensive network that spans distribution, sales, marketing, and logistics, making it ideal for launching a new tequila brand. With multiple domestic and international beverage brand launches under my belt, I’ve led teams from concept to market many times, so Pure Azul is a natural fit for my next chapter.

  Tequila Q&A with Henry

Tell us about the first time you tried tequila?
Way back when I was around 21 (wink wink), we had margaritas at a party my friend threw. Needless to say, we all woke up with very bad hang overs and had to clean up the house before the parents got home.
Speaking of parents, how do yours feel about you launching an alcohol brand?
They have been supportive of me building a product that they can believe in and drink. Having spent my entire career in the food industry they didn’t feel it was much of a transition.
What is your favorite Azulana flavor?
My favorite is the Blue Agave as it has such a smooth tequila taste with a slight sweetness to balance out the salt and tequila.

  Tequila Q&A with Chad

Before you worked for Pure Azul, what did you know about tequila?
The only thing I knew about tequila was that it tasted horrible, left a nasty after taste and made you feel like death after you drank it. Made me not touch tequila for over 20 years.
What have you learned since then?
After over 20 years of thinking tequila was made from the devil, I’m now enjoying it. I’ve learned that not all tequilas are the same – if you find a good 100% blue agave tequila, you don’t have to worry about those nasty effects. In fact, since I rediscovered tequila it is my favorite drink.
What foods do you think pair best with Azulana?
Blue Agave- Pairs well with red meat. Carne Asada or a good steak. Lime- Pair it with some kind of nut mix. Pistachios, peanuts. Pineapple Rosemary- Goes great with tropical fruit like mango, pineapple and papaya.
Chad Miyata

Chad Miyata, Regional Sales Manger

With 20+ years in apparel sales and distribution, I’ve had the opportunity to work with major clothing labels including L.E.I, Paris Blues and Self Esteem. Despite changing industries, I’ve found the transition to Pure Azul a seamless one, as it allows me to utilize my sales background and my experience as a business owner. I’m excited to be part of a socially conscious enterprise and do the most good I can in my role at the company. In my down time, I love to golf—actually I have a love-hate relationship with it, but that helps me keep my competitive edge.

Carlos Velasco

Carlos Velasco

Carlos Velasco is an executive leader with proven success in domestic, international and third party operations and multi-channel product distribution. As president of the global foods division at a Fortune 500 food and beverage maker, he managed two of the company’s fastest growing businesses, facilitating the expansion of U.S.-based brands into global markets and global brands into the U.S. market while exceeding top- and bottom-line targets. In his spare time, Carlos is a tequila enthusiast who loves to collect different varieties from the finest distilleries in the tequila region.

  Tequila Q&A with Carlos

Before you worked for Pure Azul, what did you know about tequila?
Tequila is my favorite drink, I have a good collection of tequilas. I love to try different brands particularly of extra anejos because I enjoy occasionally a good cigar, and they are the perfect match.
Which is your favorite tequila and and why?
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, because I love the oak flavor from the extra anejo and I love the unique boxes design graphics that constantly changes I collect them.
What do your parents think about you launching an alcohol brand?
They just want me to send them a stock of Azulana every month.