Our priority is making great tequila, but also manufacturing it in a way that supports our workers and our world. Several members of our executive team come from farming or tequila production backgrounds, so we have deep respect for the land and the people who make a living from it. We’ve invested in programs that improve the quality of life for our farmers, and in environmentally friendly production methods that make our operation sustainable.

Empowering Our People.

We’re giving back to the farmers who make our product possible by launching two key assistance programs and partnering with national nonprofits in Mexico.


Azul por Educacion:

To help the children of our farming communities fulfill their potential, we cover the cost of books and school supplies throughout their childhoods.

Azul por Salud:

With healthcare costs rising, we’ve dedicated resources to helping our farming communities can stay well, including funding primary care and mobile clinics to reach under-resourced areas.

Centro Fox Partnership:

We’ve teamed up with the organization of former president Vincente Fox to support educational initiatives, including tech, academic, music, library and leadership programs.

CRISMA Partnership:

Azulana supports the work of CRISMA, a nonprofit care center that provides physical and neurological rehabilitation to people with disabilities in the San Miguel de Allende area.

Improving Our Planet.

We’re revolutionizing sustainable tequila production in every part of our supply chain.


Eco-Friendly Agave Packaging:

We reuse the agave waste left after tequila production to create plant-based, biodegradable fibers and polymers. These are used to create everything from our packaging to our store displays.

Reduced Emissions and CO2:

Our recycling of agave waste allows us to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and shrink our carbon footprint.